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TabTote® pill boxes...pill dispensers make regimen compliance time-saving and easy with TabTote®’s" A full-month Classic for each intake of the day system"


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How is TabTote® different than other pill organizers?

Q. What kind of pill organizer/dispenser is TabTote®

Q. How easy is it to load a TabTote®? 

Q. I take my tablets 3 times a day, and TabTote®  Classic only dispenses once a day, how do I handle that? . 

Q. Is TabTote®  airtight?

Q. Can my tablets get mixed from one compartment to another? 

Q. How much does each compartment hold?

Q. I only take 2 or 3 tablets, do I need a TabTote®

Q. I travel a lot, can I depend on TabTote® to stay closed in my suitcase? 

Q. I have Arthritis, can I still use a TabTote®

Q. Can I wash a TabTote®

Q. Is TabTote® guaranteed? 

Q. How much do they cost? 

Q. Why is UV protection important?

Q Is the TabTote® made from food safe products?

Q. Will TabTote® react with my medicines or vitamins?


Q. How is TabTote® different than other pill organizers?

A. The TabTote® combines all the features you expect from a pill dispenser, easy operation, child resistance, UV protected, one direction unloading, spill proof and much more.

Where it really differs from the other pill dispensers is that it creates a solution to organize each intake of the day for a full month.


Q.  What kind of pill organizer/dispenser is TabTote®?

A.  It's a complete tablet organizer and delivery system.  TabTote® Classic is a two-sided stand-up unit with a compartment for each day for a full month.  There are 32 total containers, 16 on each side numbered for days of the month, 1 to 16 on one side, 17 to 31 on the other. 

Depending on how much you take, and how many times a day, (you may need more than one Classic), you can load up for a full month in 10 to 20 minutes.  Then you just click to each day's compartment, and drop the tablets into your hand...takes about 3 seconds. 


TabTote® E.T. works the same way except that it's good for two weeks.  It's also smaller (no stand up legs), that's why we named it E.T. (Easy Traveler).

When you're going to be away from home (and your Classic) for a day or more,load your E.T. from your Classic for the days you'll be away, then just toss your E.T. into your travel bag.

Q.  How easy is it to load a TabTote® ?

A.  Super easy, push in and turn the center lock key 90 degrees to the left.  Hold on to the tab and lift the cover off.  Lay TabTote® flat and load each day's compartment.  


Q.  I take my tablets 3 times a day, and TabTote® Classic only dispenses once a day, how do I handle that?

A. Certainly what you take in one day fits into the roomy TabTote® Classic day compartment. Assuming that you're home for your morning and evening doses, when you dispense out the compartment contents in the morning, take the morning tablets, and divide the rest into your noon and evening intakes. Take the noon intake to work in a zip-lock bag, an empty prescription bottle or other small, suitable container.

If you like to carry extra vitamin Cs, lozenges, aspirins, Tylenol, Tums or whatever you may need while away from home, then a TabTote® E.T. is definitely your portable choice.  All the extras can be on one side and your noon intake on the other. 

If your dose is to be taken with meals and you're not certain about being at home for the evening meal, put the noon and evening intakes into your E.T.  If you're going to be away for a few days, separate your intakes into your E.T. from your Classic.

If you don’t want to separate doses daily then multiple TabTote® Classics should be your solution.  The safety of monthly organization is so important that you should have a Classic for each intake of the day.  Have an E.T. to be sure not to miss intakes on your days away from home


Q. Can my tablets get mixed from one compartment to another?

A.  Not unless they're as flat as a sheet of paper, that’s how small the clearance is.  We've had customers tell us that gel caps tend to catch on the lid (cap) on occasion when it's being turned.  The simple solution to that one is to load your gel caps first so that they're on the bottom of the compartments. 


Q.  Is TabTote® airtight?

A.  The short answer is no, and once opened, neither are the medicine or vitamin bottles.  The bottles tablets come in are an excellent means of storage and transportation. They are sealed at the factory keeping the contents in their best condition over the sealed shelf life of the product. .  

Once you break the seal on the bottle, and open it daily to pour the contents, it's exposed to air for the rest of its use, the shelf life then, is about a year and the TabTote® is no different.  The benefit of TabTote® to you, however, is that once TabTote® becomes your pill organizer system, the products will be taken regularly. 


Q.  How much does each compartment hold?

A.  Each day's compartment on a TabTote® Classic holds 64 aspirin-sized tablets.  Each day's compartment on E.T. holds 25 aspirin-sized tablets. 

We use aspirin for the size measurement because everybody knows about aspirins

If you dump that many aspirins in your hand, you'll know what it holds. 

Q.  I only take 2 or 3 tablets; do I need a TabTote® ?

A.  If you're taking any medication or want to start a vitamin regime why risk it?  Using TabTote® as your medication pill organizer is  the best way to stay on track for the full duration, no missing, and no overdosing. 

Organizing a few tablets for regular intake starts another even greater benefit.  It gets you thinking and discovering more about the necessity and benefits of supplements.  Almost without exception, you will start adding to your intake. 


Q.  I travel a lot, can I depend on TabTote® to stay closed in my suitcase?

A.  The TabTote® design has a positive lock up on the center key, and the day selection so they are spill-proof.  Spill-proofing was an important design consideration for TabTote®. Spill-proof is high on priority since oily capsules can cause serious damage to business or vacation clothing. (Flip top dispensers are notorious for this)


Q.  I have Arthritis, can I still use a TabTote® ?

A.  There are, of course, varying degrees of Arthritis, and how greatly it affects a person’s strength.  It doesn't, however, take a strong grip to use a TabTote®.  We have testimonials from Arthritic individuals that have no difficulty at all in using their unit.  To our knowledge, the oldest person with a weak grip using a TabTote® is 96.  He's been using a Classic for over 5 years, no problem. 


Q.  Can I wash a TabTote® ?

A.  Yes hand wash with a soft cloth in lukewarm, soapy water.  Rinse in lukewarm water and hand dry with a soft towel.  Do not use any commercial cleaners or abrasives.  

After washing you may want to apply a little Vaseline on the cover edges for lubrication and continued easy movement.


Q.  Is TabTote® guaranteed ?

A.  Absolutely!  Our Satisfaction Guarantee is for a full month.  If, for any reason, with in 30 days you are not totally satisfied with your TabTote®, you may return it for a full refund.  If you find any product defects for the lifetime of the product it will be replaced.


Q. How Much do they cost?

A. Please see the product page for the various offers.

You will notice the price is a little higher that your standard pill dispenser. The reason is simple this will be the last dispenser you will need to buy. It is manufactured using extremely durable materials and the movement does not have hinges or other weak stress points that will break over time.


Q. Why is UV protection important?

A. Most medicines and vitamins come in a UV protected bottle. While a lot of them are not sensitive to UV breakdown some are, when you place these pills into a dispenser for up to 30 days the UV protection is just another assurance that you are not losing any product viability.

The smoke grey opaqueness of our covers offers this protection from light.


Q Is the TabTote® made from food safe products?

A. Yes, all the materials used to produce the TabTote are certified food grade plastics and resins. In addition they are produced in a ISO 9000 production facility for added assurances.


Q. Will TabTote® react with my medicines or vitamins?

A.  The materials used will not react or change the contents placed in the containers

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