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Avoid Medication Errors - Easy Pill Identification!

The Advantage Over Other Pill Boxes

You Load TAB-TOTE® Classic pill dispensers once a month in minutes, because when you remove the lid you have access to 15 open compartments! 

Separate compartment for each dose is your safest bet in a medication organizer, no chance for a mix-up

Large daily compartments  to hold up to a 30 tablet-capsule mix. (64 Aspirin size tablets)  

If you take your tablets once a day, you're perfectly organized.  You can also put 2 intakes a day into the same day compartments (they're big) and then separate the intakes when you take your first one

Most Customers find that  the TAB-TOTE® saves them time every day, since all your pills pour out in seconds

TAB-TOTE®  Classic pill container has a compartment for every day of the month... 

For safety and spill proofing, the caps on Classic are child tamper-resistant.

The TAB-TOTE®  could be the last pill organizer dispenser your buy they are built to last a life time

The AM, NOON, PM, BED stickers that you see on the units are not pre-labeled, they come in a separate package which you attach yourself. That way you can label the units any way you like.  

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